Why Men File for Divorce: 3 Reasons to Take Notice

Divorce agreement paperwork being signedWomen, according to studies, file for divorce more than men. The American Sociological Association (ASA) reveals that about two-thirds (or 69%) of all marriage dissolution are initiated by women. Men, on the other hand, are scared to call it quits and leave an unhappy marriage. Some fear that they won’t be able to see their children, while others are concerned about being seen as the bad guy by friends, families, and kids.

While the statistics note that women file for divorce more, there are also instances when men feel they’ve just had enough. Eagle County divorce lawyers note that some men muster up the courage to face their fears and leave an unhappy relationship. Here are some of the reasons men call it quits:

Their Wives Don’t Support Them

While men may be synonymous to masculinity, they still want to feel loved. They need care and support when they’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Men will eventually get tired and hopeless when their partner doesn’t seem to care about what they are feeling. When a wife considers her husband non-existent, the feeling of love may be replaced with resentment.

They Feel Unappreciated

Men want to be the hero for their wives and kids. This is why they sometimes make an effort to provide and give what the family needs. They also feel the need to be recognized or appreciated. When their partner rejects their efforts consistently, they feel disconnected and discouraged. Men are also likely to be disillusioned when their heroism is not acknowledged.

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Their Wives Don’t Want to Spend Time with Them

Husbands want their wives to spend time with them or do the things they are both interested in. If the wife, however, suddenly becomes uninterested, they might entertain the idea of breaking up. This may also cause the men to think that their wives no longer find them attractive. Men want to feel loved and nurtured; they don’t want to be treated like a roommate.

Divorce is definitely heartbreaking for both parties. It is sometimes, however, necessary especially if the husband and wife are no longer interested in working out their problems. Seeking legal advice is advisable to learn more about the matters involved in marriage dissolution.