Top College Majors for a Solid Post-Grad Legal Education

Legal Profession Despite its name, a major in legal studies is not designed to prepare you for law school, paralegal training, or any legal profession. Instead, it attracts students with a passion for everything law-related to develop critical analysis and debate skills.

The American Bar Association explains that there is no single path to legal education. The Bar Association “does not recommend any undergraduate majors or group of courses to prepare for a legal education.” Whether you want to become a lawyer, a paralegal, or a legal assistant, you can get a great education foundation with any college degree you want.

Here are some of the top undergraduate education majors that are great stepping stones for a career in law:

Majors in the Scientific Fields

A degree in almost all scientific fields involves developing critical thinking and reading, problem solving, and research skills. These are skills that will get you to a lot of places in the legal sector.

The Center for Legal Studies explains that research, problem solving, critical reading and thinking skills provide a solid foundation for legal education. Legal studies will demand that you dissect, evaluate, and structure arguments and thoughts susceptible to reasoned debates and briefs.

Majors in the Arts and Humanities

Research, writing and editing, communication, listening, and organizational skills are core knowledge for any legal profession. Arts, humanities, and other related majors teach you to look at something new and apply the facts you know to figure out what you’re looking at — which is always helpful in clerical work, writing briefs, providing counter arguments, and other tasks.

You get a solid foundation on writing, composition, and research with journalism and communication majors, while a major in music or liberal arts shows you’re a critical thinker. Moreover, most legal studies program incorporate an interdisciplinary approach that leans a lot on values and core knowledge of the liberal arts.

Majors in the Business Fields

Marketing, management, economics, and other related majors (especially if you have high grades in most subjects) show more academic and analytics inclination. More than writing and management, you are able to analyze numbers, statistics, and other bulk information to come up with a brief digest.

This is particularly helpful if you want to pursue a specialization in the business or corporate sector, whether as a lawyer, a paralegal, or a legal secretary.

Again, there is no one path to a legal education. As long as you strive to learn and excel, you’ll likely do great in whatever legal education and profession you want to pursue.