Top 3 Surprising But Effective Trends in Family Law

Lawyer smiling with happy family in the backgroundLegislators are often on toes to see that family laws are revised, discussed, and amended to address the changing needs of every family. But much like every other legislative process, family law amendments can take several years and new changes in family issues would have happened by the time final verdicts are reached.

Here are some of the current family law trends that you should pay attention to:

Custody roles are becoming gender neutral

Naturally, mothers are the ones supposed to stay with kids in case of a divorce. The family law in Santa Fe, New Mexico and other states has even embraced the same thing in the past. But after a thorough revision of the same rules, fathers can now gain custody of their kids, depending on the circumstances. Although it rarely happens, the number continues to rise from time to time.

Custody agreement renegotiations are possible

The general belief is that divorce is a one-time issue and once the agreement has been signed, it can never be reversed. However, there are special cases that may raise the need to revoke the terms of the custody agreement. For instance, some parents will want to change careers after a divorce. The provision is there, but you must ask to know the specific requirements of this clause in your state.

New laws about line-in partners

After the end of the first marriage, there are chances that each of the parents will remarry. This isn’t the issue, as it is legally allowed. But it creates new dynamics for your kids and influences their future. Surprisingly, a newly established parent for your children has a legal option to file a petition to adopt your kids, but not until you permit them to do so.

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Although family laws differ from state to state, the fact is that they keep changing. Your experience with a particular family issue in the past can be entirely different from what happens now. Therefore, it’s wise to stay on top of these amendments, so you can make conscious decisions.