The Process for Filing a Lawsuit After a Commercial Truck Accident

Truck lying upside-down on ditch after accident
Truck drivers often cover thousands of miles to deliver goods in and out of states. For this reason, the majority of state laws require them to pass through stringent safety tests before being awarded a driver’s license. Unfortunately, even after all these tests, accidents involving trucks do happen

If you or a person you know falls victim of such a tragedy, having an in-depth understanding of the litigation process can be a great help.

Making a claim

The victim should begin the litigation process by filing a claim with the truck’s insurance company. The application should contain necessary information about the incident and why you believe the truck caused the accident that led to your injuries or loss. 

Your claim investigator should review all details pertinent to your claim. This information should include details about medical treatment and any future issues that may arise because of the accident. The truck’s insurance company will conduct its investigations before admitting or denying the allegations.

Demand letter

The personal injury lawyer representing your case after the accident will send a demand letter to the truck’s insurance company with detailed information about the injuries you sustained. Such letter should also consider all applicable damages that have been sustained and those that are likely to occur in the future. The overall amount of compensation should also cover the attorney fees.

Filling for a lawsuit

If the driver’s insurance company fails to offer a reasonable settlement or denies the claim, you can seek the services of a car crash lawyer in Marysville to file a lawsuit.

The suit should contain a legal theory of how the truck or the driver led to the accident. It should also require the court to award the damages to the victim. The defendant is subsequently summoned to the court to answer the allegations.

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Roads and freeways can be dangerous places with accidents and deaths being all too common. When a truck is involved, there could be even more severe damages and injuries due to their weight and size. Even though the lives of involved accident victims might never be the same again, adequate compensation can at least render life more bearable.