Situations When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury claim formA brain injury will affect your life in various ways. It leaves you with substantial medical expenses from specialized medical care and significantly affects your ability to conduct basic actions such as walking. Statistics show that there are over two million brain injuries annually with over 100,000 resulting in death.

While some cases of brain injury are genetic or accidental, others can be avoided with proper care. Haffner Law recommends that you find a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles to help you get compensated in cases where someone’s negligence causes your injury. Here are some of these instances.

Medical Malpractice

In some cases, the wrong prescription or medical procedure might result in brain injury. The medical practitioner owes you a duty to protect your health and anything a person does to breach this duty amounts to negligence. Over 400,000 health professionals and hospitals are successfully sued annually for causing various injuries on patients. If you feel any medical professional’s actions caused your injury, you should meet a personal injury lawyer to know your options.

Business Mishaps

You can hold a business liable for any negligence if you suffer a brain injury today. Falls on slippery floors, injuries sustained from falling objects and brawls which result in injuries are some of the common bases for business mishap lawsuits. The company’s insurance typically plays a significant role in these cases.

Car Accidents

These are the most common cause of brain injury. Though it is an accident, do not assume there is no one to blame. You can still sue the car company and get fair compensation. The auto accidents might, after all, result from the negligence of a driver or faulty vehicles.
If your injury is a result of the above circumstances, get a lawyer to help you seek compensation. You need not suffer anymore with the substantial medical and care expenses associated with brain injury. The settlement will go a long way in easing the burden of your condition.

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