Sexless Marriages: The New Normal?

Married  CoupleWhen you and your spouse are more than roommates but less than lovers, you have a problem.

In today’s culture, sex also defines a healthy marriage. By following the media alone, the message about marriage and sex is clear: if you are in a relationship, you should be enjoying a fulfilling intimate relationship with your significant other.

Unfortunately, research contradicts this popular belief. According to recent statistics, 10 to 20% of relationships in the US are sexless. This accounts for 40 million people in the country. In another survey, 21% of women in their 40s and 50s reported no sex with their significant other in the previous year. 30% of the male participants in their 40s and 34% in their 50s reported the same occurrence.

With such statistics, it makes one wonder: is sexless marriage the new norm?

Defining a ‘Sexless’ Marriage

A relationship is sexless if the couple involved has sex less than once a month or less than 10 times in a year. Other definitions suggest a sexless marriage depends on the sexual joy and passion of both individuals. When one of the spouses no longer enjoys the pleasure of sex, they can consider filing for divorce and consult a divorce lawyer in Suffolk County, for instance.

Sexless Marriage as Grounds for Divorce

Sex serves as an avenue for emotional and intimacy with one another. Apart from strengthening relational connection, it also serves as a stress reliever for each spouse after the demands of daily routines.

Constant sexual intimacy with your spouse also helps you feel good about yourself. Managing to enjoy each other’s company in the bedroom displays your commitment and love for one another. This increases your self-esteem and recharges your relationship.

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If a spouse is withholding sex or using it against the other spouse, it is immediate grounds for divorce. A sexless marriage can equate to alienation of affection or constructive abandonment. As set forth in a legal model, a marriage that withholds sex is a divorceable offense.

The question is, should you leave? Or should you stay? The decision is up to you, but remember this: sexual intimacy is more than a want — it is a physical and emotional necessity each spouse should enjoy with each other for their relationship to grow and survive.