Saving Time and Money During Divorce

Hands of man and woman on table with documentThe way you handle or act during your divorce can influence its cost. If it’s your goal to save both time and money, you need to think twice and examine all your decisions. It’s not advisable to let emotions take you over, as this can affect the result of the settlement negatively as well as your future.

Here are a few suggestions for saving time and money during your divorce:

Determine your goals

This means knowing what you want to achieve in the settlement. Is it the primary custody of the kids or joint custody? Do you want to keep the family home? List down the things you want, but make sure to be realistic. This will also help you determine the things that are worth fighting for.

Find the right lawyer

Apart from picking an attorney with experience in family law, you should also find one that you feel comfortable working with. The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C.  and other Long Island divorce lawyers note avoiding someone who is arrogant, as they can make you feel hesitant to ask questions. You also have to choose the right one the first time, as changing lawyers can be expensive.

Prepare all necessary paperwork

Dig out all the information and documents relevant to the case. These may include bank statements, proof of income, investment and retirement account statements, and important emails from your spouse. This will reduce the time (and fees) needed to find and obtain all the information required.

Take the high road

If your ex has done something wrong to you, it is tempting to inflict pain or punish your spouse. Doing so, however, is expensive and usually backfires. It’s best to compromise and consider what your partner is feeling. If possible, negotiate solutions that will work best for everyone. Most importantly, do what’s best for your children.

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Divorce is a highly emotional and stressful time for everyone. Be sure to keep your emotions in check and get support. You should find a therapist instead of treating your lawyer as one, as it can only incur more fees.