Removing Travellers from Private Land & Two Other Issues to Note

Man and woman talking to their lawyer about removing travellers from their private landIf you already have or are facing the fear of having unauthorised people camp on your private land, you must be wondering how best you can remove these trespassers without breaking the law. The truth is that there only a few options out there for removing travellers from private land, which choosing to evict them by yourself can be more challenging than you thought possible. But before all that, here are two issues that, knowing them, will prepare you for the removal process under the trespass to land:

Know the Right Procedure to Follow

Typically, the law requires that you do not evict a trespasser by means that will breach their human right. Additionally, the court has established precedents that, first, you should not remove forcibly travellers that occupied your land peaceably unless they fail to adhere to the request you issue them to depart. Secondly, you can remove forcibly trespassers that entered your land by force even without notice to leave your property.

What Are Your Rights?

You or enforcement officers acting on your behalf can use common law to evict unauthorised encampments from your land. This provision allows you to repossess your land without requiring you to undergo a full court process. The tort of trespass against property also allows you to seek damages, as well as injunctions to prevent future trespassing.

You, however, should also note that these legal provisions do not offer automatic sanctions should the trespassers return.

Removing travellers from private land is an issue that, mostly, roadside property owners need to face from time to time. And, while you can follow guideline in common law to get these unauthorised persons to move from your property, this process can go wrong anytime. It is for that reason, as well as to save you time, that is advisable you always consult with certificated bailiffs with a wealth of experience in evicting travellers professionally from private land.

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