Reaching a Mutually-Beneficial Child Support Agreement

Child Support in ProvoGoing through a divorce requires a calm mind and good intentions especially when it comes to your child. And, it is always a lot better to reach an agreement with your former partner on how best to support your child, if any. Instead of waiting for the court to decide on how your child should be supported, do yourself and your partner a favor by sitting down and discussing how child support should be carried out.

The Informal Child Support Agreement

While there are essentially three methods of reaching an agreement, the informal negotiation type will almost always be preferred over out-of-court resolution of disputes and court-ordered child support agreement. You should understand that, from the point of view of your child, taking time to discuss how she will be supported as she grows will be less emotionally traumatic for her.

Additionally, working together to reach an informal child support agreement is a lot better than letting the court decide. The initiative can make both of you to take steps to slowly come to terms with the divorce proceedings.

What Should Be Contained in the Agreement?

Aside from clearly determining who should receive the child support, the informal agreement should also specify the extent of the support including its termination. You have to agree as to when child support should end. Should it end upon reaching a certain age? Or should it be upon finishing a certain degree of education?

The agreement should also contain specific arrangements as to the amount of support as well as the mode of payment of the agreed-upon amount. You also have to make provisions for updating of your income information.

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In most jurisdictions, you and your partner should have sought legal advice even before you sat down and discussed the child support agreement. That way, both you and your former partner will have an insight on how best to reach an agreement. You have to understand that the agreement should consider what is best for your child and not about bringing your emotional baggage to the meeting.

Making the Agreement Binding

Although informally executed, you can make the child support legally binding by making sure that the agreement is properly documented or written and that all of the pages have been duly signed by you and your former partner. In many jurisdictions, you and your partner will also be required to individually submit a certification showing that you have received adequate legal advice from a child support attorney in Provo such as Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. prior to the conduct of the child support agreement.

It should be noted that while informal negotiations for child support are generally advised, you still need to seek legal advice. The good thing however, is that you save yourself from the hassles of having to undergo lengthy dispute resolution proceedings.