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Why You Should Choose a Private Investigator Job

by Admin in Decision Makers

There are many career opportunities out there that it can be difficult to choose the best course to take. You might have heard of the advice that the best thing to do is to follow your [...]

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Daily Law Bulletin

How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Divorce Case?

September 26, 2016

Under the Colorado Revised Statutes, domestic abuse is any threatened act or actual act of violence performed by the aggressor against another individual that was formerly or currently related to the aggressor, or has resided […]

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3 Ways to Handle Your Divorce Well

July 11, 2016

Going through a divorce is not easy. Nobody likes to go through it in the first place, but circumstances will sometimes force you to file for a divorce. If the marriage isn’t working anymore and […]

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Pit Bulls: In Which States Are They Banned?

March 10, 2017

Over the past few years, pit bulls have been getting a bad rap. If you keep an eye on the news, you’ve probably encountered two or three reports on pit bull attacks. Because of these […]

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What Makes a Common Robbery Aggravated in Utah

Daily Law Bulletin
August 17, 2016

As stated in the criminal statutes of the Utah Code, the crime of aggravated robbery comprises all the distinct elements of a common robbery crime but combined with an enhancing factor or aggravating element. A charge […]

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The Link Between DUIs and Probable Cause

Daily Law Bulletin
November 5, 2015

Police officers should have “probable cause” if they want to pull you over. Below are critical things you must know about DUIs and probable cause. Probable Cause is Required to Pull You Over Put simply, […]

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Key Differences Between Civil and Criminal Cases

June 13, 2016

The justice system classifies violations against the state and federal law into two: criminal crimes and civil crimes. They are handled differently with punishments also varying by state and severity of the crime. Criminal Crimes […]

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Sex Crimes in Ohio: What an Accused Needs to Know

May 7, 2016

While facing any kind of criminal offense is understandably stressful and shocking, being charged with a sex crime could be even more devastating. In Ohio, if you’ve been charged with a sex crime involving a […]