Legal Mediators Work for Nobody, but Needed by Everybody

DivorceIn most divorces, there are two opposing parties trying to one up each other to inflict misery to either spouse. It’s the harsh truth about breaking a supposedly unbreakable bond; there are things that are just bound to surface.

It’s not new knowledge, but divorcing couples keep missing the importance of mediators. While some of them operate outside firms, there are law firms that offer their services. The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick recognizes their role, and many people should, too.

Non-Legal Examples

It may be better to describe the role of middlemen outside the legal perspective. Couples who are trying to divorce focus on the idea of hiring an attorney. As a result, they simply miss what a mediator can do for them. To make it simpler, think of them working in business. Most of them relay both their clients’ ideas and finding common ground.

Business is a lot riskier than divorce, in the big picture. Big money is involved, and intermediaries must lessen the uncertainty for their bosses. If not, they get out of the deal and find someone, or something, else to do business with or invest. The same goes for mediators in divorce; there are just some situational differences more common with the process.

Working for Nobody

No intermediary works for a party. They are always coming from a neutral ground, where both parties get what they deserve. There are couples who definitely don’t need mediators, especially those who don’t own much together or have no children. Then, there are the husbands and wives who have much to partake. It’s not rare for these couples to settle peacefully, but many of them still try to get as much as they can from the divorce.

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This is hard, and not just because it’s hard to quantify who deserves what. That’s why it’s the mediator’s job to stand in the middle ground and help couples decide. It’s as simple as that. Even though their role isn’t complex and not always necessary, they help with the hardest part of the divorce.

Divorces are hard, made harder by couples who unfairly claim what they don’t own. When friction is inevitable, a clear head outside the circle will help hasten the process.