Examples of Unusual Assets Considered in a Colorado Divorce

Assets in DivorceProperty division is one of the biggest and most sensitive aspects of divorce. If you’re on the course of filing one, expect division of assets to take up a bulk of the process, a Denver divorce lawyer from MatthewsFamilyLawyers.com says.

Some of the assets are obvious, such as the house, bank accounts, furniture and other household items. But there are some less seemingly inconsequential (but just as valuable) possessions that you and your spouse can easily forget in the chaos of divorce.

If you fail to address their division now, they may be the source of major arguments and court battles in the future. Here are examples of unusual and unexpected assets considered in a divorce:


This asset can rouse a heated argument, particularly if it is a collaborative collection, meaning it consists of mutual effort from both spouses.

Some couples find it enjoyable to collect items, like Beanie Babies, Care Bear blankets, Star Wars memorabilia, pop art pieces, European souvenirs and even international coins.

If you and your spouse are both collectors and you’re getting a divorce, you should carefully think about whether or not you should divide the collection. Instead of fighting over it, some couples sell their collections to a museum and split the profits.


Pictures can also set off an intense debate between divorcing couples. Thanks to the digital age, it’s possible to scan the photos and distribute copies to both parties.

If you or your spouse has set their eyes on a particular photograph, it’s advisable to hire a divorce attorney or mediator to help you work through the situation.

Divorcees also need to decide how they’ll divide their digital files, frequent flyer miles, and their goodwill or patents.

All of these assets can rouse unnecessary quarrel later on when one spouse imposes their right to take a particular item. If you want to learn more about asset division, get a divorce attorney involved. With the right legal advice and guidance, you get all the information and support you need.