Dog Bite: How You Can Bite Back

Dog BiteDogs are nice, but if you’re attacked by one, make sure to bite back.

Millions of people are attacked or bitten by dogs every year. Fortunately, there is an injury law that covers victims of an animal attack. You’ll be covered if you have been bitten, knocked down or hurt by the dog.

The New York dog-bite statute makes the owner liable for veterinary and medical expenses. If there are other damages caused by the attack, the victim must prove that the dog is “dangerous” and the owners know it.

Dog Bite Claim

The first step after being attacked by a dog is to file a complaint with an animal control officer. The office will then start a Dangerous Dog Proceeding with the court system. When the court decided that the dog is dangerous, they will seize it for the public’s safety until decisions are made during the hearing, which usually occurs within five days.

Bern Ripka LLP’s personal injury attorney in New York says that, though common, dog bite claim involves a complex process. A burden of proof should be provided for the court to declare the dog a “dangerous” one.  The personal injury attorney can help you recover the medical costs and other expenses incurred as a result of your injury.

Statute of Limitations

You should be aware that there is a statute of limitations in your dog bite claim. This is the time limit on bringing the case to court after the attack. The New York Civil Practice Laws & Rules section 214 states that a claim for any personal injury, including animal attack, must be filed within three years.

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When you or any member of your family is attacked or bitten by a dog, remember that your first course of action is to seek medical attention. Second, get a lawyer who can help your recover the costs incurred after the attack.