Does Amicable Divorce Make Sense?

Divorce Having a divorce is never pleasant. Even if it’s a mutual decision, it’s undeniable that the two of you can no longer settle your differences. Your marriage is beyond repair, and have zero chance for reconciliation. That’s life. But just because both of you decided to not be a part of each other’s life anymore doesn’t mean you have to end things on a bad note. At this point, you have to work together to fast-track the process, instead of letting hatred get in the way.

An amicable divorce is when the two parties are willing to come up with an agreement without fighting. Although it’s not exactly how you feel about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it’s more reasonable to take this route in more ways than one.

Makes Financial Sense

Any experienced Suffolk County divorce attorney would tell you this approach is the best way to save thousands just to untie the knot. Especially in New York, the longer a divorce takes, the costlier it gets. Unless you don’t mind pouring a serious amount of money down the drain, the two of you must collaborate to reach an agreement.

Creates Less Stress

Choosing the amicable path is less tension-filled. A divorce can definitely take an emotional toll on both sides, so don’t make the experience more painful. When both of you sit down face-to-face with a mediator to finalize every issue, there’s a better chance both parties can reach a fair conclusion.

Helps You Move on Fast

The moment you file for a divorce, you just want to get it done and move on with your life. Of course, moving on after an unsuccessful marriage is easier said than done, but if you two can make agreements with little or no conflict, then both of you can start the new chapter in your lives on a positive note.

Nobody said this is going to be easy, but an amicable divorce is a choice. Set your negative emotions aside, and let logic take over.