Did Malpractice Cause Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy Birth InjuryMedical negligence is a serious issue, and it can have lifelong consequences. Nowhere is this most apparent than with birth injuries. During delivery, medical staff have a responsibility to do everything they can to prevent any injury or complication. But, what if they fail?

Sometimes, the injury is unavoidable, and the hospital’s staff is not to blame. Nonetheless, there are also times when an infant’s suffering was directly caused by a healthcare worker’s negligence. Avoidable birth injuries account for a significant number of cerebral palsy cases. These are due to a large variety of possible factors, such as:

  • The doctor may have failed to diagnose something crucial, like the umbilical cord wrapping around the infant’s neck.
  • Hospital staff may have used forceps when not necessary, or delayed too long in performing a caesarian section.
  • Errors and mishandling during the birth caused physical trauma to the infant’s brain, or a severe lack of oxygen.

How can you tell if malpractice is the cause? A medical review will give you the answer. They will tell you if you have grounds to sue, and the extent of the hospital’s negligence.

Why You Should Seek Compensation

You are devastated by what has happened to your child. But, is it really worth suing for? Don’t hesitate to contact a cerebral palsy lawyer to discuss your case. You have good reasons to sue, and the first is money. As the lawyers of Tyrone Law Firm explains, “When your child is diagnosed with this condition, expect to carry the burden of lifetime care and medical expenses”.

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There is no cure for cerebral palsy, and a great deal of medical care is necessary for your child to live a full, productive life. Medicine, surgery, rehabilitative therapies – all of these can quickly become incredibly expensive. Getting monetary compensation will allow you to provide the care that your child needs.

Another crucial reason to sue is to prevent such cases from happening again. If the attending physicians were grossly negligent during your child’s birth, there must be professional consequences. Staying silent could put another family at risk.