Corporate Immigration is an Uphill Battle

Corporate Immigration LawyerMany companies in the country are getting talent from abroad because there is a need for them. They hire a corporate immigration law firm at large expense to make sure that the people they hire can work legally. They would not do that if there were people in the UK that can do the job just as well. There is a big problem facing many foreign workers in the UK: public opinion.

The Situation

According to Gherson, the number of people coming into the UK from non-EU countries was 273,000 as of September 2015. These are people who want to stay in the UK for at least 12 months. Of that figure, about 75% are in the UK to work or study. Skilled and temporary work visas granted for up to that period was 165,977. In contrast, about 630,000 EU workers got national insurance numbers as of December 2015.

The Problem

Many UK residents are afraid that the country would not be able to cope with so many immigrants coming in. The pressure is on the UK government to put a stop to it. Because of this, many non-EU workers are finding it hard to get their visas extended. It is bad enough for those that have only lately come to the UK. The situation is worse for immigrants that have been in the UK for many years, and already have an established life in the country.

The Conundrum

The funny thing is these immigrants contribute a lot to the economy. Their specialised skills make them a valuable addition to their companies or organisations, even if their employers want them to stay, it is not easy to get approval. If these foreigners are unable to stay in the UK because of the current situation, it could have serious consequences for their employers.

Many companies need their foreign hires to do specialist work. However, the current crisis in confidence is making it hard for them to keep these workers stay in place. If you are an employer in this situation, you definitely need the help of a corporate immigration law firm.

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