Business Visit Requirements for Qualified Applicants

Visit RequirementsImmigration in the United Kingdom can start with being a business visitor. In this category, foreign employees and other qualified applicants can visit the country in a short-term period. Approved applicants can do business there or study on behalf of their company.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify as a business visitor in the UK, corporate immigration experts advise that candidates must:

  • Seek entry for business visitor category.
  • Stay in the country within 6 months (for business visitors) and 12 months (for academic purposes).
  • Have enough funds to accommodate themselves and any dependants and cover return cost without depending on any public funds.

Who can apply for a business visit?

According to the Immigration Rules, business visitors can be any of the following:

  • Academic Visitors – These are academic professionals carrying a research in the country, or participating in formal exchange arrangements or holding seminars/forums with their UK counterparts. These include senior physicians and dentists participating in clinical practice, teaching or research.
  • Visiting Professors – Foreign school teachers that are either teaching or accompanying students for a short study programme.
  • Film Crews – Any film staff members that are taking part in a shoot in the UK.
  • Media – These can be journalists, correspondents, producers or cameramen visiting the country for coverage or information gathering.
  • Secondees – Employees that are transferred temporarily to a job from a foreign employer directly contracted with UK company.
  • Religious Workers – These are carrying out pastoral duties, but not filling out a post or personally benefiting from a commercial project, donation or sale.
  • Advisers, consultants, internal auditors, trainers or troubleshooters – These professionals will be visiting the country to support their foreign company branch.
  • One-off trainee. A foreign company employee that will take part in a one-off training. It is often in a classroom set up or that involving observation.
  • Overseas Scientists – Scientists that will be sharing knowledge on an international project.
  • Employees of multinational firms – Barristers or lawyers that will be coming to the country to provide advice on litigation or international transactions.
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Level 1 advisers can help with the visa application of any corporate employee qualified to enter the UK under the business category. These include entry clearance as well as leave to entry or leave to remain.