Boring Marriages: When to Work It Out, When to Split

Boring Marriage in the AlbuquerqueEveryone knows that marriages rarely end in happily ever afters. After all, people have their ups and downs, and so do relationships. There are marriages that are at the height of marital bliss, while others are in toxic, soul-crushing relationships that are beyond redemption.

Divorces are very common in the U.S., even in places like Albuquerque. Divorce lawyers always have their hands full working with couples who want to split their properties fairly after breaking up.

But some couples are somewhere in the middle. They have boring marriages where they are happy some of the time and unhappy at other times. They may end up settling into routines and lose passion for each other, despite still having some sort of an affectionate relationship.

Is boredom a good enough reason to get a divorce? Or should you try to soldier through it ‘till death do you part?

Working It Out

Boredom is actually a common reason for divorce, even if everything else seems to be great. In the past, cheating was the number one reason American couples broke up, but today, feelings of “growing apart” and “falling out of love” are becoming more common.

Of course, when a marriage is boring, it is important to think about what is making it boring in the first place. It is always best to work it out, and have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse.

Figure out how to inject romance and passion into your relationship, and put more effort into the process.

When to Leave

Of course, some marriages just feel stifled, despite not being inherently bad. Some people feel trapped in their marriages and feel like they are watching their life passing by.

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Now, if working it out did not work, there is no shame in choosing to leave. After all, a new house, a new partner, and new surroundings freshen up the mind and the soul. Though some people believe that boredom is never a good enough reason to split up, the truth is much more complicated than that.

Remember, a boring marriage is a good enough reason to get a divorce, especially if you reach a dead end in your relationship. Just remember to work it out first, to make sure that it is really a dead end before you say goodbye.