4 Reasons to Settle Your Disputes Out of Court

gavel and legal book on tableDisputes are inevitable, both in the corporate and social spheres. Luckily, there are ways to handle them, so everyone gets justice. Going to court is a popular way to get matters resolved. But a lot of the time, you are better off using alternative dispute resolution. Here are four reasons to settle disputes out of court whenever you have the choice.

1. It helps you save time and money

Court cases can drag for years, causing a lot of pain through the process. Alternative dispute resolution, on the other hand, takes just weeks or months for the matter to be completely resolved. Union arbitration cases, for instance, are typically over in a fraction of the time that litigation would take. The parties involved also end up saving a lot of money in court and legal experts.

2. It keeps private matters private

Disputes can have a lot of sensitive issues that people want to keep private. The truth is no one wants to have his or her dirty linen aired in public. In alternative dispute resolution, only people that are invited can attend. In a court, on the other hand, the issue can be aired by the media for the whole world to see.

3. ADR is more flexible

Some agreements are reached in alternative dispute resolution that a court cannot enforce. An example is where parties choose to change a policy in the business. ADR thus enables the parties involved come up with a creative solution to their dispute, which may have been difficult through litigation.

4. The process is more satisfying

Litigation does not always lead to a mutually satisfying solution to a dispute. But ADR allows for the people involved in the disagreement negotiate a position that they feel works for them. For this reason, ADR leads to settlement rates of about 85%.

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Unless you have no other option, you should always opt to settle matters out of court. Not only is the process cost-effective, but also satisfying for all involved.