4 Common Causes for Divorce

Divorce AgreementIn marriage, the husband and the wife have a mutual duty to be there for each other and their children. While some marriages last long, some don’t because the spouses cannot fulfill their marital duties. This can lead to a divorce, in which the separation of the spouses are made official in court.

Divorce attorneys from Green Gillispie Attorneys at Law in Little Rock would say that several causes could lead to divorce, such as the following:

Extramarital Affairs

Cheating happens among girlfriends and boyfriends, and marriage is no exception. The husband or wife could still harbor an affair that’s extramarital or outside of the marriage. This means they are seeing some else besides their spouse. Cheating can lead to anger, disappointment, and divorce.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is when a spouse gets physically, verbally, or emotionally attacked by their domestic partner. The victim experiences physical pain, mental trauma, and a feeling of powerlessness from it. A lawyer can assist domestic abuse victims in filing for divorce and other charges against their spouse in court.


Sometimes, money could cause problems in a marriage. Having to budget finances could lead to disagreements between the spouses. One might also discover that their spouse has been withholding financial information from them, which leads to divorce.

Dwindling Intimacy

The initial intimacy between two spouses might also simply disappear. This happens due to busy schedules, lack of communication, and such. The lack of intimacy could destroy the trust between them.

Divorce is an unfortunate but necessary step in relieving you and your partner of marital duties. A divorce doesn’t have to be stressful for both sides, because they could mutually agree on conditions like property or child custody. This is why divorce lawyers are essential to help settle things between separated spouses.

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