3 Types of Car Insurance that Reimburse Repair Costs

Head on car collisionIn Washington State, police officers can flag you down if you seem to be distractedly driving on the road. If a man or woman in uniform deems your kind of driving as a road hazard, you can easily get a ticket. Now if you are completely sober, your ticket can be in the guise of a DUI-E:

Driving Under the Influence of Electronics. Yes, this thing exists in Washington State. The reason for this is to lower the incidents of car crashes.

Despite the DUI-E, however, motor-vehicle accidents still happen. Thankfully, there are car crash law firms in Marysville that help those involved in these accidents to sort out their situation, most especially in terms of filing insurance claims for car repair. Now the question is: when is your car covered?

The answer is simple: that is if your insurance belongs to any of these.


Collision Insurance reimburses your car’s repair or parts replacement costs. This applies to both accidents where the crash happened between your vehicle and another car and between your car and a stationary object.


Comprehensive insurance pays for damages outside those caused by a collision. These include theft, fire, severe storms, hitting an animal, vandalism, falling objects, natural disasters, and even acts of God or nature.

Rental Car

This optional coverage allows you to rent a car paid for by your insurance provider while your own is being serviced or repaired.

As comprehensive as the road safety rules and regulations are these days, motor-vehicle accidents still happen. Whether they are due to human error or otherwise, these are always unfortunate scenarios.

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Should you get involved in these cases, file an insurance claim as soon as you can to get your life back on track immediately. If need be, seek out the help of a car crash lawyer.