3 Issues You Should Address When Hiring a Lawyer

Lawyer on the background with a focused gravelThe number of lawyers in Aitkenvale continues to grow year by year, which is a good thing for residents, as it fosters healthy competition. The problem is that not many people know what to consider when looking for a reputable lawyer here. So, here are three:


Request your lawyer to supply you with a record of cases that he or she has represented in court. From that, you will see the ratio of lawsuits that he or she has won to the cases lost. That will give you a definite indication of what to expect from your lawyer.

A second way to determine the competence level of lawyers is to check how they performed in their professional training. Also, confirm that they have the recommended certification.

Referral rate

If the lawyer you intend to work with has had a consistent record of representing his cases exceptionally well, rest assured that he or she will have a significant number of people referring others to him or her. It is advisable that you work with such that have a high referral rate as they could also be having excellent communication skills and offering the best in customer service, two of which are very critical to ensuring your lawyer understands, records and follows your case professionally.


Confirm that your lawyer has the required license to operate, and to serve clients in your locality. You will be wasting time and money to hire a lawyer that has never served or is legally incapacitated to work in your area. Proper licensing is very critical in ensuring lawyers offer their services within their geographical jurisdiction.

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The competence of your lawyer is not enough factor to consider. It is crucial that you also factor in their licensing and whether they have a healthy referral rate.